This blog post started when I wanted to combine two of the things I love: playing around with different programming languages and brewing my own coffee with different beans from all around the world. Then, that got me thinking: how do some of the most interesting programming languages I’ve used relate to some of the most delicious and peculiar beans I’ve had the chance to taste?

Mind you, I don’t consider myself to be an expert on either of the two. I can, however, share enough knowledge today so that you can learn something new! …

Concurrency is one of those concepts that I think every seasoned programmer knows quite well. The thing is, I’m pretty far away from being a seasoned programmer and, even though I’ve been coding for about a year now, yesterday was the first time ever I encountered myself with a data-race when I tried to implement a simple chat room service using channels in Go. Pretty insane, huh?

However, in spite of that, yesterday was not the first time that I attempted to create a concurrent application, in fact, for the very first time I had to build a piece of…

Jorge Díaz

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